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Hello and welcome...

My passion is helping people, getting to the root of life’s problems to create lasting change.  

Whether you have a health issue, are at one of life’s crossroads or are plagued by your dog’s difficult behaviour you can be assured of a sympathetic ear along with a practical solution.

All the help you find here will improve your life in a more natural way whilst supporting you in making new choices.
Here’s one way I been of help to others. 

This is some feedback from a Canine Communication client:

"I rang Mel as a last resort.  I had more or less accepted that I was going ot have Tizzy put to sleep at some point in the near future due to her aggressive behaviour.  I had tried various methods to try and resolve the problems we were having but nothing seemed to be working.  It ended up with a very confused owner and dog!  Within an hour of Mel arriving Tiz was already showing an incredible improvement in her attitude.  Three weeks on and we have a calm and secure dog, whose behaviour is improving all the time.  If you have any doubts about having Mel to help you, then please don't hesitate.  It scares me to think that I may have had my beloved dog destroyed needlessly." - Paula & Tizzy

Feel free to browse around, just ask if you need any assistance.